Wide range of services

Wide range of services 2019-09-12T16:33:52+02:00


We conceive, design and implement innovative and trend-setting living concepts for the highest requirements. We have set real standards with our LOFT living projects


Commercial buildings are an expression of the positioning and agility of a company. Rely on our know-how - for your business success.


The development of sophisticated hotel concepts in top locations requires experience and a high level of expertise. We are the right partner for this.


A network of well-known architects realizes our projects. This includes top offices such as Nething Generalplaner with over 130 employees, but also cooperation with architectural popes such as Prof. Miroslav Šik from Zurich.


The whole thing is more than the sum of its parts. Competence, experience and commitment are the pillars of our entrepreneurial success, which is reflected in numerous properties. This also includes quality assurance during construction.


Whether planners, construction companies or trade partners - we only work with experts in their field - for years and with great success. We cooperate trustingly with our banks and tax consultants.


Prizes like the “European Aluminum in Renovation Award” are an expression of our claim to set standards with our projects. For us, this is both an incentive and confirmation of our work.